About AllCare Pharmacy

AllCare Pharmacy is a privately owned, full-service pharmacy. We have the flexibility to customize our long-term care (LTC) solutions to any patient facility or individual patient with a personal touch, outside the rigid constraints of corporate pharmacies.

Our Mission

AllCare Pharmacy is driven with the purpose to improve the lives of LTC patients by providing smart, simple, affordable and reliable solutions that help accurately manage the way that medication is taken at home and administered across LTC facilities.

AllCare Pharmacy values quality of care above all else—delivering passion and expertise in every patient relationship and inspiring wellness across the LTC community.

About Our Mission
About Our History

Our History

AllCare Pharmacy was started by two men with a vision to provide LTC solutions that make a meaningful difference in people’s daily lives and their overall health. From humble beginnings with a team of seven, almost 25 years later AllCare Pharmacy has tripled in size. Our company now provides a variety of Rx Packaging Products, services and solutions to many residents and facilities in our community.

Our Initiatives

AllCare Pharmacy is always looking for ways to improve our offering to better serve our patients. Currently, we are:

  • Adding 10,000 square feet to our facility and pharmacy operations
  • Implementing new technology like eMAR to improve communication speed and efficiency
  • Upgrading to the latest technology for compliance packaging
  • Growing our Patient Services and Patient Liaison departments
About Our Initiatives

Our Promise

“Patient health is our priority. Therefore we go beyond limits to services our patients and their caregivers.”

– AllCare Team

“We employ the latest technologies to provide the highest level of care. From our innovative web-based solutions, to customized MARs, we are committed to reducing costs and improving quality of care.”

– Jim Mawad, President

“We aren’t just a discount pharmacy, AllCare Pharmacy’s focus is on improving patient’s quality of care Whether it’s helping to reduce the high cost of prescriptions, providing safer prescription dosing and delivery alternatives, or improving the efficiency of care providers, AllCare’s goal remains achieving the best possible patient outcomes.”

– Jim Mawad
President, All Care LTC Pharmacy

“LTC Solutions, Delivered with TLC.”

Our Mission

AllCare Pharmacy values quality of care above all else - delivering passion and expertise in every patient relationship and inspiring wellness across the LTC community.

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