LTC Facility Solutions

Our Rx Packaging Products and services support your unique facility needs by providing convenient, comprehensive medication solutions that improve administration and patient adherence.

Rx Packaging & Technology

For assisted living communities that cater to LTC patients, we offer Punch Cards and 7-Day Rx Packs as our Rx Packaging Product solutions. Punch Cards are single-dose prescription sheets that make giving your patients the right medications fast and easy, while 7-Day Rx Packs come as a roll of patient-specific pre-dosed pouches.

In tandem with Punch Cards and 7-Day Rx Packs, AllCare technology utilizes an advanced web-based portal and PrimeCareQ1 software that allows our pharmacy and your facility to share data electronically. Your employees can access, search, edit and print medication info, as well as order medical supplies, incontinence supplies, non-pharmaceuticals and prescriptions online with delivery tracking.

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LTC Facility Solutions Rx Packaging & Technology
LTC Facility Solutions Services & Delivery

Services & Delivery

AllCare services come at no additional cost and include, but are not limited to, prior authorization, custom MAR/TAR/POS and innovative pharmacy web-based solutions including eMAR and medication reviews. Our flexible and emergency delivery allows you to get your prescriptions during the week, on weekends and on demand.


To ensure optimum results, AllCare engages LTC facilities in a 90-day onboarding process. During onboarding, you’ll receive a dedicated pharmacy technician, patient service representative, patient liaison representative and an AllCare team of five well-trained pharmacists ready to assist with any needs and requests from patients, patient families and the facility.

LTC Facility Solutions Onboarding
LTC Facility Solutions Customized Options

Customized Options

AllCare works to support your unique facility needs by offering value-added resources. We provide customized MAR, physician order forms, treatment forms, behavior monitoring flow sheets and psychotropic medication administration flow sheets. We also have modern medication dispensing carts, Emergency Dispensing Kits (EDK) and IV services available. To assist with affordability, AllCare offers a Discount Card Program to patients without insurance coverage.

How It Works

  1. Connect with an AllCare Pharmacy specialist directly at 419-214-4600 ext. 430 to discuss your unique facility needs and build a solution together.
  2. Sit back and relax. AllCare Pharmacy will designate a transition team, create a timeline and securely transfer all your patient data and information to our system.
  3. Get all the prescriptions you need delivered to your facility in convenient Rx Packaging along with access to AllCare services at no additional cost.

“LTC Solutions, Delivered with TLC.”

Our Mission

AllCare Pharmacy values quality of care above all else - delivering passion and expertise in every patient relationship and inspiring wellness across the LTC community.

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Contact us to learn more about our long-term care solutions and how we can help meet your LTC needs.

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