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AllCare Pharmacy isn’t just a provider, we’re your healthcare partner. Our long-term care (LTC) solutions flex to accommodate your care requirements now and in the future, providing everything you need in one place.

LTC Facilities Solutions

For LTC facilities, AllCare delivers pre-dosed prescription Punch Cards that help nurses and caregivers correctly administer prescriptions to all their patients, while significantly reducing preparation time and overhead costs. In addition, AllCare provides added services and technology that offer enhanced safety, convenience and communication across your facility.

AllCare Pharmacy also caters to group homes, hospice programs, rehabilitation facilities, behavioral treatment facilities, correctional facilities and ICF/MR.

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 LTC Solutions Facilities
LTC Solutions Residential Patients

Residential Patients Solutions

For LTC patients living at home, AllCare delivers our Modus® Pack, a roll of pre-dosed prescription refills that are easy to understand, use and afford. AllCare also provides monthly medication reviews and personal patient counseling to ensure all prescriptions are up-to-date and being taken accurately.

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“LTC Solutions, Delivered with TLC.”

Our Mission

AllCare Pharmacy values quality of care above all else - delivering passion and expertise in every patient relationship and inspiring wellness across the LTC community.

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