Residential Patient Solutions

Our Rx Packaging Products and services support your unique long-term care needs to make managing your medications and your health feel easy.

Rx Packaging & Technology

For residential LTC patients, we offer Modus® Pack as our Rx Packaging Product solution. Modus® Pack is a roll of pre-dosed prescriptions pouches in a convenient box that makes taking the right medications on time, every time, a snap. In tandem with Modus® Pack, AllCare technology utilizes an advanced web-based portal that allows us to securely access your patient information and medications. This portal allows you to order medical supplies, incontinence supplies, non-pharmaceuticals and prescriptions online with delivery status tracking.

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Residential Patient Solutions Rx Packaging & Technology
Residential Patient Solutions Home Health Services

Home Health Services

Through our Home Health Services, we make sure patients being discharged from the hospital have medications available, and we make a follow-up call 24 hours after the patient begins taking their medication to answer any questions. We also conduct monthly medication reviews to ensure understanding, accuracy and adherence. We care deeply about all our patients’ wellbeing and provide all home health services at no additional cost.

Counseling & Education

AllCare approaches long-term care with a team-oriented mindset. We work to create a comprehensive support system for each patient by connecting with their physicians, caregivers and families. We offer up-to-date educational material, counseling and additional resources that support a better understanding of medications and symptoms.

Residential Patient Solutions Counseling & Education
Residential Patient Solutions Customized Options

Customized Options

AllCare pharmacists offer personal consultation services and are available by phone 24/7 to answer your questions. Our flexible delivery allows you to get your prescriptions during the week, on weekends and on demand. AllCare also offers a Discount Card Program to patients without insurance coverage.

How It Works

  1. Call AllCare Pharmacy at 419-214-4600 to find your perfect LTC solution.
  2. Sit back and relax. AllCare Pharmacy will set you up, gather all your prescriptions and package them for you in our convenient Modus® Packs.
  3. Get 360° continual care that’s easy to use delivered to your door, along with access to AllCare services at no additional cost.

“LTC Solutions, Delivered with TLC.”

Our Mission

AllCare Pharmacy values quality of care above all else - delivering passion and expertise in every patient relationship and inspiring wellness across the LTC community.

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Contact us to learn more about our long-term care solutions and how we can help meet your LTC needs.

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